Welcome to Posco Maharashtra Steel

POSCO has empowered customers all over the world with many new-age steel products for more than 40 years and now emerging in India. 
A subsidiary of POSCO Korea, POSCO Maharashtra Steel is now here in India to provide a wide range of integrated services, ranging from coated steel such as Galvanized and Galvannealed steel to that are applicable to all varieties of industries, such as Automobile, home appliance, construction etc. Conforming to the same quality level as POSCO’s global standard, POSCO Maharashtra Steel will produce the same high-quality products as POSCO Korea has provided all across the industries and continents in the past.

POSCO having a long term experience in production of steel with highest quality products recognized by International Steel bodies wishes to extend its experience through POSCO Maharashtra Steel in India, setting a new benchmark in product quality and services for the development of Indian economy.

Of all, POSCO’s great heritage has well extended in the area of global automotive industry. With many automotive brands as its clientele, its high-quality IF grade and AHSS steel has made a mark across all over the world, contributing to the development of auto industries. And the same success story is now being re-written in India.

POSCO will get even closer to its automotive customers in India in the form of POSCO Maharashtra Steel, by meeting the ultimate needs of customers’ raw material localization policy, which is the key requirement of automotive industry and meeting customers’ ever increasing demand for their new-age products.

POSCO’s presence in Maharashtra will keep on going a long way for the success of its valuable customers’ tomorrow.

Our Vision


Putting the customer in the first place in our mind, we POSCO Maharashtra Steel will pursue the success of the customers based on our global mind and professional attitude with wide range of creativity and flexibility.

We are committed to contribute to the development of Indian industry by supplying high quality steel products  to the automotive customers, with the capacity of 0.45 million Tons per year for coated steel, One million Ton per year for CR steel. New CRM complex will expand the scale of supply to the customers with 1.9 million MT of production per year.

In the long run, we will combine our strong base in Maharashtra with the upstream mill that will be realized in the future to complete the whole value chain for the atmost satisfaction of our customers in India.