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Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Continuous Annealed Steel Coils and Sheets (CR) have fine surface and excellent workability. They are used for various purposes including automobiles, home appliances, furniture, office equipments, Drum, Barrels industrial machines and construction material. Due to economic development and the advancement in consumer's level, the customer are gradually requiring high quality of diversified and functionalized products. We POSCO Maharashtra are making our best effort to satisfy the customers with the optimum quality and continous improvement in our products.

POSCO Maharashtra have state-of-the-art Tandem Cold Rolling Mill and Continuous Annealing Line (CAL) which manufactured drawing, deep drawing, Interstitial free, high strength, AHSS, hot press forming steels which are then confirmed with various international standards such as IS, JFS, JIS, ASTM, EN/DIN, KS Etc.

Manufacturing Process

Top Notch Production Facilities

Classification POSCO Maharashtra Pickling Line & Tandem Cold Rolling Mill (PL-TCM)
Date Of Operation June, 2014
Capacity (Ton/year) 1,800,000
Available Size Thickness (mm) 0.20~2.30
Width (mm) 800~1,880
Weight (Ton) Max 35
Product Grade Commercial, Drawing, Deep Drawing, Extra Deep Drawing, Structural, High-strength Steel, AHSS (DP590 & DP780), Hot Press Forming (HPF1470)
Inner Diameter (mm) 508(20”)/610(24")

The hot-rolled coil passes through the pickling line, where hydrochloric acid solution is used to remove surface scale for its smooth surface finish before further processing.

Cold Rolling

Cold Rolling mill is of 6Hi Mill with 5 stand. Pickled coils are rolled in to the as normal as temperature (under of the re-crystallizing temperature) in the tandem cold rolled mills where they are processed into a specified thickness.

Top Notch Production Facilities

Classification POSCO Maharashtra Continuous Annealing Line (CAL)
Date Of Operation June, 2014
Capacity (Ton/year) 1,000,000
Available Size Thickness (mm) 0.40~2.30
Width (mm) 800~1,860
Weight (Ton) Max 35
Product Grade Commercial, Drawing, Deep Drawing, Extra Deep Drawing, Structural, High-strength Steel, BH, AHSS (DP590 & DP780), Hot Press Forming (HPF1470)
Inner Diameter (mm) 508(20”)/610(24")
Electrolytic Cleaning

the main purpose of Electrolytic cleaning is to be remove in the lubricant oil and dirts left on the cold rolled strip before annealing.


To obtain the desired grain structure and to improve the mechanical properties, the strip is passed through the (continuous annealing line) furnace, heating, soaking and cooling sections.


In order to improve the mechanical properties, suppress yield point elongation strip shape correction to secure the flat shape, is to be obtain desired roughness, the steel sheet should be passed through a skin pass mill.


The equipment at the exit section are composed surface defect detector, Inspection table and oiler equipment. The products are inspected as well as judged systematically, and whether such products are appropriate to a client company or not.

Specification & Properties

Types of Products, Characteristic and Application

The products are composed of various metal components and have various mechanical properties in accordance with design standard, depending on various sizes and uses, such as CQ,DQ, DDQ, EDDQ, Structural steel,HSS, AHSS and so forth.

Cold Rolled Mild Steel

Classification POSCO Specification EN JFS Characteristic Application
Commercial Quality (CQ) CSP1 EN-DC01 JSC270C Used for the parts requiring bending & simple forming Refreigerator Doors, Drums, Furniture
Drawing Quality (DQ) CSP2 EN-DC04 JSC270D Suitable for drawing parts Automotive parts, Home appliances drawing parts
Deep Draw Quality (DDQ) CSP3 EN-DC05 JSC270E Used for Deep drawing parts with good Drawability Roofs, Fenders and Hoods of Automobiles
CSP3N EN-DC05 JSC270E Non Ageing quality used for Deep drawing parts with good Drawability
Extra Deep Draw Quality (EDDQ) CSP3E EN-DC06 JSC270F Ultra Low Carbon Steel with excellent deep draw quality Side Panels, Quarters of Automobiles, Fuel Tanks Automobiles
Super Extra Deep Draw Quality (S-EDDQ) CSP3X EN-DC07 JSC260G

Mechanical Properties

Grade 0.2% YS, Mpa
Spec. Max
TS, Mpa
Spec. Min
El %
Spec. Min
CQ 280 270 33
DQ 240 270 37
DDQ 210 270 41
EDDQ 180 270 43
S-EDDQ 160 260 45

Cold Rolled High Strength Steel

Classification POSCO Specification EN JFS Characteristic Application
Bake Hardening Steel (BH) PCY180B HC180B JSC270H This is high strength material in which yield strengh is increased after baking to become more dent resistance & higher formability Automobile Outer panels like Hoods & Doors
PCY210B HC220B JSC340H
HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy Steel) CHSP260Y HC260LA - This is High Strength Material manufactured by adding precipition hardening elements such as Ti, Nb to Low Carbon Steel. Kinds of Member-Reinforcing Materials
CHSP300Y HC300LA -
CHSP340Y HC340LA -
CHSP380Y HC380LA -
CHSP420Y HC420LA -
Rephosphorised Steel CHSP35R HC220P JSC340W This is high strength steel manufactured by adding alloying elements such as Phosphorus (P) and Manganese (Mn). Cowl, Wheel Appron, Front Side member
IF HSS Steel CHSP35E HC180Y JSC340P This is ultra-low carbon steel with special elements such as Ti added. Used in automobile for high strength and deep drawability. Outer Panels of Doors, Hoods and Fenders, etc.
Dual Phase (DP) CHSP60DP HCT590X HCT590X This is high strength and high formability properties by its dual phase structure consisting of micro ferrite & martensite. Kinds of Member-Reinforcing Materials
Hot Press Forming Forming (HPF) PCT1470H-B - - This is high strength steel achived by heating and quenching. Additional hardenability due to addition of Boron Automotive A pillar, B pillar, C pillar, Bumpers, etc.

Mechanical Properties

Classification Posco Specification Guaranteed Value 0.2% YS, Mpa
TS, Mpa
El %
Spec. Min
YS Min (Mpa) TS Min (Mpa) EL Min %
Bake Hardening Steel PCY180B YS 180-240 270 min 40 180 270 40
PCY210B YS 210-270 340 min 36 210 340 38
HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy Steel) CHSP260Y YS 260-340 350-430 28 260 350 28
CHSP300Y YS 300-380 380-480 22 300 380 22
CHSP340Y YS 340-440 410-530 18 340 410 18
CHSP380Y YS 380-500 460-600 18 380 460 18
CHSP420Y YS 420-530 490-600 16 420 490 16
Rephosphorised Steel CHSP35R TS 187 min 340 min 34 187 340 32
CHSP40R TS 236 min 390 min 29 236 390 29
CHSP45R TS 275 min 440 min 28 275 440 25
IF HSS Steel CHSP35E TS 175 min 340 min 34 167 340 32
CHSP40E TS 215 min 390 min 30 206 390 27
CHSP45E TS 255 min 440 min 27 245 440 27
Dual Phase CHSP60DP TS 340-450 590 min 20 450 Max 590 24
CHSP80SP 450-550 780 min 16
Hot Press Forming PCT1470H-B TS 300-600 500-700 13 320 550 15


Thickness Tolerance

Thickness/Width 800≤w<1,000 1,000≤w<1,250 1,250≤w<1,600 1,600≤w≤1,800
0.30≤t<0.40 ±0.040 ±0.040 - -
0.40≤t<0.60 ±0.050 ±0.050 ±0.060 -
0.60≤t<0.80 ±0.060 ±0.060 ±0.060 ±0.070
0.80≤t<1.00 ±0.060 ±0.070 ±0.080 ±0.090
1.00≤t<1.25 ±0.070 ±0.080 ±0.090 ±0.110
1.25≤t<1.60 ±0.090 ±0.100 ±0.110 ±0.130
1.60≤t<2.00 ±0.110 ±0.120 ±0.130 ±0.150
2.00≤t≤2.30 ±0.130 ±0.140 ±0.150 ±0.170

Width Tolerance

POSCO Specification, KS, JIS Specifications

(Unit : mm)

Thickness/Width Width Tolerances Using Cold Rolled Steel Sheet
Mill Edge Under 1,250 +7,0
1,250 and Over +10,0
Slit Edge Under 1,250 +3,0
1,250 and Over +4,0


(Unit : mm)

Classification Wave
(Number of Waves)
Edge Wave
Center Wave
Under 1,000 2 2 2
1,000 and over and under 1,250 3 2 2
1,250 and over and under 1,600 4 3 3
1,600 and over 5 4 4

Notes :

1. Flatness is measured on a flat table as side drawing. Flatness which is applicable to upper side of the steel is the value except thickness of the steel is the value from the maximum value of transformation.

Available Dimensions

Surface Finish and Oiling

Surface Finish

Classification Specification
Dull Finish Dull finish, which is attained by attaching numerous fine grains
onto the steel surface, is often called 'pear-skin finish' or 'egg-shell texture'.
The grains are made by electro discharge texturing machine. The
dull finish is usefull in drawing because lubricant oil can be
evenly spread over the entire surface, thereby reducing the
possibility of friction. The fine grains also help to boost paint
adherence and extend the steel life span of the steel.
Dull Finish Ra (μm)
E5 E7 E9
1.00~1.80 0.70~1.30 0.40~0.80


It is recommended that customers use product promptly to avoid the possibilities of rusting during storage or shipment Customer can choose kind of oil and quantity. Oiling improves corrosion resistance but cannot be the perfect way to protect steel from rust. Also, non-oiled and DOS oiled products are easy to rusting so, POSCO Maharashtra strongly recommends to apply general oil and use the product as soon as possible.

DuClassification Quantity (Mg/m²) (Both Sides)
Heavy 3,000~4,500
General 1,800~3,000
Light 800~1,800
Thin 200~800
DOS - D 50~100
DOS - S 20~50
DOS - U 10~20

Commercial Steel

Used for General Purposes In
Manufacturing such as

  • Refrigerator
  • Drums / Tubes
  • Furniture

Structural Steel

Structural Steel does not need drawability
but requires high strength like

  • Structure
  • Steel Furniture

High Tensile Strength Steel

Used where high strength with good
formability is required

  • Automobile Seats, Parking brackets
  • Center floors and Brackets, Frames
  • Fender and Hood

Extra Deep Drawing Steel

Used where deep drawing quality
is required

  • Automobiles components & Body Panels
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Components for Building